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Enjoy guitar lessons tailored to you, whether you're just starting out or want to learn a specific guitar style such as pop, rock, blues, slide, jazz, folk, or fingerstyle. I teach students from all around the globe.


If desired, lessons can be tailored to develop your aural skills and help you work out music by ear.


Gain assistance with songwriting, music theory, chord and scale theory, composition, live performance, vocal and guitar performance, including preparation for school and HSC performances.

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Hi, my name is Chris Gillespie. I've been a guitar teacher at The Hills Grammar School, one of Sydney's most prestigious private schools, for two decades. I also provide private lessons online. With over 20 years experience, I have taught hundreds of students of all ages. Some of my students have gone on to have professional and very successful careers in music, such as Josh Smith from Northlane. Aside from being a guitar coach, I am also a music producer, singer-songwriter and performer, and I ran Australia's only off grid solar powered recording studio for several years.

I thought I had seen it all, until COVID-19 shifted the modern model of teaching to online in many areas, and the results have been both surprising and amazing to see. I have personally seen improvements in student performance since shifting to online lessons. However, I don't believe that online video lessons (I.e non interactive like youtube etc) are effective for students. In fact, I've seen them hinder learning in many students, contributing to bad habits in technique that can be difficult for students to kick!

My live, interactive, online lessons are personally tailored to help you reach your goals, or I can help set goals for you if you desire. I teach all styles of guitar (except for classical), including pop, rock, blues, slide, jazz, folk, and fingerstyle, as well as lead guitar and chord playing. I can also assist with songwriting, music theory, chord and scale theory, composition, live performance, vocal and guitar performance, including preparation for school and HSC performances. I also teach ear training, aural skills, and how to work out music by ear. 

I teach all ages and it is never too late to start. I am passionate about inspiring you to meet your goals in the simplest way possible. It is also my passion to "uncomplicate" music and make it accessible to all. I look forward to working with you!

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Chris has helped our daughter build her skills and gain the confidence needed to perform at her best for the HSC. We're so proud of what she's been able to achieve with his help!

James & Angie

I love the online lessons with Chris - they're one of the highlights of my week! He is always calm and patient and seems to know just what I need to help me progress with my learning.


I'm so grateful for Chris' coaching over the years and for the way he's helped me develop my own flavor as a musician. His skill in songwriting is phenomenal and has been a huge inspiration to me!


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